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We bring an engineered product from Europe to make your building and construction life more easy & more flexible. We have an array of durable and qualitative products i.e. Easymix Wall Putty, Skim Coat Plaster, Block Jointing Mortar, Tile Adhesives, Easycoat Cement, Tile Grout & Water Repellent...

We are looking for inquiries only from clients, based in North India.

About Us


XTREME BUILDCHEM PVT. LTD. is the largest manufacturer of Ready Mix Dry Mortars and Construction Chemicals in India. As a brand BuildChem signifies - Durability, Strength, Innovation and Reliability.

The company has an installed capacity of 30 Lacs Metric Tonnes per Annum of all Products unit. Under the brand Easymix, we Have adapted European Technology to produce advance building material like Dry Mix Products include waterproofing, grouting and plastering solutions. Our Building Products business is an innovation hub that offers a range of scientifically engineered products to cater to new-age constructions designed for faster completion of projects. The retail format of BuidlChem offers a wide range of construction products to the end customers under one roof.

With a momentous presence in the building products segments, XTREME BUILDCHEM PVT. LTD. provides 360 degree building solutions to its targeted audience; It is the one-stop shop for every primary constructional needs. Its rapid rise as India’s favorite Building Products brand reflects on the organization’s focus on cutting edge technology, research and technical services.

XTREME BUILDCHEM PVT. LTD. provides a range of products under the brand Name “Easymix”- Just Add Water - that cater to the various aspects of construction, from foundation to finish. These include:

  • Easymix Wall Putty
  • Easymix Skim Coat
  • Easymix Plaster
  • Easymix Block Jointing Mortar
  • Easymix Tile Adhesive
  • Easymix Tile Grout
  • Easymix Easycoat-Cement- 1k
  • Easymix Easycoat-Cement- 2k
  • Easymix Easycoat-Polymer
  • Easymix Water Repellant
  • Easymix Rapid Repair Mortar

Our Motto is "Building Relationship with Trust " which inspire us to believe in ourselves in developing &  innovating trustworthy engineered products for our precious customers. 

Our Director's Message

Dear friends, colleagues and valued customer...

With the humble beginning of the company in the year 2008, Buildchem group of companies have been witnessed a tremendous and successful journey of the business in these 8 years. By achieving excellence in all the fields, we promise to deliver best quality products to the customers. We are working with the vision "The symbol of Care" which is applicable not only for the clients but also towards the employees & business associates. I am very happy and proud to launch our new brand in the Indian market with the objective to provide easy to mix construction material. “'Just add Water” is the punchline of our newly formed brand which consists easy to mix construction products that required less manpower and skills to use. The Indian construction industry has witnessed many changes and developments but inspite this the resources & techniques are still the same as it was earlier. The Indian construction sector is increased in many folds but still facing various problems related to insufficient resources, untrained workforce and manpower shortage. All this results in delayed completion of work and poor quality construction. To solve this problem, we are come up with the range of easy to mix construction material that are durable and affordable.                                                                                                        

All the construction material we are producing under the brand of Easy Mix are carefully selected, designed, packed and formulated  in accordance to the Indian construction industry needs. From decades, this type of products are serving the diversified construction needs of the European market thus, changed the entire scenario. Initially, these goods are processed with the objective “Do-it-yourself” and helps to built strong structure and buildings. Our complete range of Easy Mix products are gaining huge popularity in the market due to their simple usage, fast application, durability and considered as the best replacement of traditional material. I and my company are pleased to contribute towards the development of Indian construction industry through our reliable and cost effective products. Being a future oriented organization, we do planning for long term and prepared effective HR policies for the employees. We believe that our personnel and business associates are the key to our company's success. We have taken several steps to enhance the skills and working efficiency of our staff members thus, helping them for achieving professional goals. Me and my entire team of Buildchem invites you to the world of Easy Mix... "Just add Water ".

Best wishes

Ajit Sharma
Managing Director
Xtreme Buildchem Private Limited